Powers Wedge-Bit™ Carbide Drill Bits

Without the proper Wedge-Bits, it’s almost impossible to properly install Wedge-Bolt anchors. When you use the right Wedge-Bit, you enjoy the performance that the task at hand deserves. Plus, your Wedge-Bolt installs quickly and effectively, which means long-term durability. Without the right Wedge-Bits, it’s incredibly difficult to properly install Wedge-Bolt anchors, and you risk putting the efficacy of your project at risk.



At FMW Fasteners, we offer a wide selection of different Powers Wedge-Bit™ Carbide Drill Bits. You’ll find many different shank styles, dimensions and specifications, which significantly enhances your ability to find what you’re looking for in our vast inventory.

Overall, we supply more than 30 different Wedge-Bits, and they're available in four different shanks to match with various drill chucks and collars. Select from the standard HD straight shank, or find a fit for your rotary hammer drills with SDS or SDS Max shanks. We can also accommodate drills with spline drives. Sizes range from 1/4 x 4 SDS shanks to 1/2 x 15 spline shanks, so we're confident you'll find the appropriate style for your specifications.

With a reinforced construction and carbide tip, these durable steel bits will perform efficiently for more prolonged periods while offering the unique, matched tolerance range that provides an ideal fit for the corresponding anchor. These bits will drive through various substrates, including concrete, wood and stone.

Do you need help finding the right Powers Wedge-Bit™ Carbide Drill Bits? We’re always here to help. Get in touch with our customer service team at any time should you have questions, or if you need expert guidance as you compare options. We strive to provide our customers with as much information as possible before they make buying decisions.

Using Wedge-Bit Carbide Bits for Anchor Installation

The primary goal for these bits is to line up with the size and style of both your Wedge-Bolts and the chuck of your drill. Once you acquire the perfect match, you can then proceed with the installation process.

First, tighten the bit into the drill, line it up with the desired hole location and then proceed with drilling. Create your hole in the base material, and make its depth at least one anchor diameter deeper than the required embedment. You'll then take your feature, line the Wedge-Bolt up through the pre-drilled hole and then tighten it firmly into the embedment you just drilled.

When you use the right Wedge-Bit carbide bit to accomplish this task, you'll enhance the overall performance of the bolt. These bolts are ideal for racking and shelving, support ledgers, fencing, storage facility apparatuses, material handling solutions and much more.

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